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All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature and unsuitable for anyone under Vlada is alone near the river foraging for berries for her tribe when she falls into the water.

Certain that she will drown, she is shocked when a strange creature comes to her rescue. It wants to mate with her, and she wants it as well It is one of the fabled great lizards that used to roam the seas, and after the rest of its kind were destroyed, it is very lonely.

Pleasured by the Plesiosaurus

Vlada knows she owes it her life, and at the same time, she is deeply attracted to the beast. This word short story is intended for mature audiences only!

Create Widget. Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Graphic stuff guys. The book I hesitate to use this word.

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Trees were not killed to publish this smut starts out kind of normal. That is if you can accept humans existing during the time of dinosaurs. Drin is our leading lady.

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The book opens with the aftermath of a T-Rex ravaging her village. Limbs are everywhere, blood and guts, all of that. Drin is the chief huntress of her village.

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She wants to go after the beast. We must kill it! For revenge! For our dead! For our homes! What happens when it comes back?


Perfect modern English. I mean, I get it. It would be a bit hard to convey a lot of this information through grunts and body language. Still, for some reason the complete and utter lack of historical fact…nevermind. Of course they speak perfect English. Of course, no sooner do they move and get settled into their new place, a young tyrannosaurus shows up to mark its territory and eat some humans. But Drin has other plans. At this point, I was really hoping that she was going to seduce the T-Rex. Like…can you just imagine a hot cavewoman revenge raping a T-Rex until the T-Rex is sobbing and flailing its little arms and then she murders it with a spear?

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Anyway, the T-Rex ends up getting a slight injury. Drin is so pleased with herself, she forgets that the dinosaur is still pretty goddamn capable. The T-Rex grabs her and she gets ready to get chomped on.

But…something happens. It made low growling sounds deep in its throat and its head rocked from side to side, scenting her. This dino did not need a map. He could find a human vagina with his puny little eyes shut. He could find a human vagina in the pitch black if he had to. Maybe he just likes his meals naked. Not sexy. Not even a little bit sexy. But it seems that this dinosaur is hyper-intelligent when it comes to how to put it in a human lady.

If I could draw, I would sketch a tyrannosaurus sexily laying on his side, a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face. Drin likes it.